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Vous trouverez ci-dessous les fiches de compétences des laboratoires qui ont participé à un événement Lab’InSight.

Fiche(s) de compétences trouvée(s)
  • Chair laboRH in Human management and labour transformations | Université catholique de Louvain

    Travailler ensemble à l ère des réseaux, Travailler ensemble à l ère des réseaux, Travailler ensemble à l ère des réseaux

    Founded in June 2011, the Chair laboRH is a Center of Expertise dedicated to HRM in a context of labour transformations. The Chair laboRH is organized as a lab: reflections and discussions are led with the aim to promote innovative and sustainable human resource management within public and private companies.

  • Sociology and Anthropology Unit | Université de Mons

    Travailler ensemble à l ère des réseaux, Travailler ensemble à l ère des réseaux, Travailler ensemble à l ère des réseaux

    We work, in a sociological perspective on the relations between new forms of work organisation, NTIC and quality of work (including conflicts and collective negociation, trade-unionism, etc.).

  • ARCOMAT - ARchitectured and COmposite MATerials | Université catholique de Louvain

    Innovative and Sustainable Coatings

    Design and processing of advanced high strength steels, titanium and aluminum alloys. Heat treatments and forming operations (like hot rolling) to optimise performance.

    Thermoset composites processing encompassing Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), Same Qualified Resin Transfer Moulding (SQRTM) and Resin Infusion.

    Thin coatings deposition in clean room environment involving all possibilities of lithography, etching and micromachining.

  • Technology platform Synthesis, Irradiation & Analysis of Materials (SIAM) | Université de Namur

    Innovative and Sustainable Coatings

    The SIAM platform (Synthesis, Irradiation & Analysis of Materials) enables applied and fundamental research in materials sciences, surfaces and interfaces sciences and ion/matter interaction. Next to these classical topics of physics and chemistry, we are also equipped to lead research in the wide area of life sciences.  Our major asset is to be able to link different types of surface spectroscopies with nuclear analysis, thanks to a state-of-the-art equipment and a constant development.

  • Laboratoire d'Analyses par Réactions Nucléaires (LARN-PMR) | Université de Namur

    Innovative and Sustainable Coatings

    LARN is part of the Research Center for Physics of Matter and Radiation (PMR) and conducts both applied and fundamental research. The research activities are divided into three areas:

    - Materials Science: development of high-tech and added value materials, modification of surfaces and interfaces by ion implantation or plasma deposition and characterization of their surface (hydrophobicity , photocatalytic degradation, ...), interfacial (diffusion gradient index optics, ...) and volumic (creation phase - optical, electronic and mechanical - ...) properties;

  • Vibrothermographic Laboratory | Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège

    Innovative and Sustainable Coatings

    Implementation of an inspection technique by vibrothermography. In particular, research of delamination or matrix cracks in composite materials (CFRP, GFRP).

  • Unité de chimie et d'électrochimie des surfaces (CES) | Université de Namur

    Innovative and Sustainable Coatings

    The CES laboratory expertise is related to the design of surface and interface materials as well as to their fabrication through chemical processes, in particular electrochemistry, self-assembly and soft-chemistry. These materials can be assemblies of organic and/or inorganic films, thin or ultra-thin, on metal substrates, metal oxides and polymer films. The expertise, both fundamental and applied, of the CES laboratory belong to the general theme of surface materials structured at the micro- and/or and nanometric scales.

  • Research Center for Communication and Media (PReCoM) | Université Saint-Louis

    Travailler ensemble à l ère des réseaux, Travailler ensemble à l ère des réseaux, Travailler ensemble à l ère des réseaux

    PReCoM brings together academics and researchers at Saint-Louis University, Brussels (USL-B) who are researching communication, (new) media and digital practices from a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives. While PReCoM is mainly rooted in media and communication studies, it also combines approaches from other fields and disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences in order to address different dimensions of the media-technology-society nexus.

  • Centre d'Innovation et de Recherche en Matériaux Polymères (CIRMAP) | Université de Mons

    Innovative and Sustainable Coatings

    • Synthesis and characterization of new polymers and nanocomposites, surface treatment of materials (self-healing, increased resistance to external pressures)
    • Design of environmentally friendly polymeric/(nano)composite materials, with the possibility to imply biodegradability.
    • Modelling and evaluation of optical and electronic properties of new polymer materials (photovoltaic applications & OLED) structure and properties of polymeric interfaces
    • Analysis of physico-chemical properties of surfaces, elasticity, diffusion, friction, viscosity

  • Science des Matériaux Métalliques (MMS) | Université de Liège

    Innovative and Sustainable Coatings

    • Metallic microstructure characterization (including additive manufactured pieces)
    • Relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties
    • Influence of thermal treatments on phase change 
    • Measurement of thermophysical properties (thermal conductivity, Cp, alpha, ...)
    • Measurement of wear resistance and friction coefficient
    • Study and characterization of alloys during fusion
    • Developpement of taylored microstructures: powder metallurgy, thixo-steel, vacuum deposition 
    • Metal matrix composite